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Unspoken -- A Gibbs and Ziva LJ Community


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farewell, ziver.
oh harry 2008
Kinda sucks about Ziva when ya really think about it, don't it?

"It Should Be You"
oh harry 2008
Title: It Should Be You
Author: Geekery15
Rating: PG
Summary: Gibbs returns from Mexico to find that two of his teammates had broken one of his many rules, the one rule he never wanted broken—knowing he wouldn't be able to swallow the reality of it. [ Zibbs | One Shot ]
Spoilers: Season 4, but nothing major.
Feedback: Sure, why not? I'm always hungry.
Disclaimer: The Characters of NCIS do not belong to me.

Looking for a co-admin
oh harry 2008
I was wondering if anyone was interested in co-running Unspoken. I'm not able to get here as often as I once was because I'm pretty busy with life and in another fandom. Anyway, post about it here or get a hold of me directly. My email is "geekery15@gmail.com" and I'm ALWAYS on tumblr these days so if you have an account there, you can find me at "geekery15.tumblr.com".

I don't want to see this community dwindle down to nothing--nor do I want it to be deleted. Zibbs needs a place on the web just like every other TIVA community/blog there is out there. :p

Thanks everybody. :)

I had another NCIS dream
oh harry 2008
I haven't watched an episode of NCIS since last winter or so. All I remember is that I was very much there and I was very much an agent (nothing new for me there), and we as the team were in a diner/bar watching this sketchy dude in suit. He was on a cellphone and then all of a sudden, a fire broke out and the flames were spreading like wild-fires--and Gibbs, was signaling for Ziva to follow his lead. Don't ask me why he didn't signal for the other members of the team (myself included), but there you have it--I'm STILL dreaming of Zibbs. :p

(no subject)

source allyssinmymind

so cute, isn't it?

zibbs " Up in Smoke"

sigh they're cute...; I don't know how to post on your website tumblr geekery
Two zibbs scenes in one season, it's not much.

"Til Death Do Us Part" Part 1 // Discussion (SPOILERS)
oh harry 2008
I don't even know why I'm making this post because I've only seen that diner episode of this season and the season opener. I know, how terrible of me, but that's what happens when you don't have cable and your laptop is jacked up to the point it has problems playing certain videos online.

Is there anywhere that I can watch the entire season? Even if there's a master post that has torrents, I'll go for it. If it's on hulu, let me know because I haven't checked there. Clearly it isn't on netflix for the time being (at least I bet it isn't).

I read somewhere that Ducky died in the season finale--is that true? Because I'll just die if he did.

God, I am SOOOOOOO behind!

Life After NCIS?
oh harry 2008
Has anyone wondered where the cast will go after NCIS is officially over?

Not that I'm trying to rush the show off the air, but sometimes I think about it--especially for Mark Harmon, because we all know he's been around for a while and he's done movies and other tv shows before. I wonder about Michael Weatherly too, because he's kind of at that perfect age (and he looks younger than he is) to pick up a lead in something--in my opinion. Cote de Pablo would be interesting to see where she goes after this as well.

There's no way to tell if NCIS will be the only big successes these people have in their lives, so it makes a fan wonder.

What does everyone else think?

"Spaceship"- a new zibbs fan-vid.
oh harry 2008
***Title: Spaceship
Creator: Geekery15
Music: "Spaceship" by Jagged Edge
Pairing: Gibbs/Ziva
Plot: Rivkin plot from season 6
Notes: Dedicated to all the zibbs fans out there.